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The Electro Couture is best known for his plainly titled podcast: "Electro, Dance, Dubstep, House and Jesus. The Live Dj Mix", which can be found on iTunes as well as The Electro Couture previously had his hands full with several residencies in Manhattan nightclubs as well as a live weekly mix show on the quickly growing St. Louis based radio station Yet now following God's call he is living in York, England while studying the Bible and working on his next record. The Electro Couture has an eclectic musical style and has been known to play anything with enough bass or is funky enough to move the crowd. In late 2011, The Electro Couture officially launched his record label, Electro Couture Records, and is currently on the hunt for new artists! Definitely be on the look out for his increasingly popular* podcast, ever-growing remix catalog, and full length album which is currently being worked on while in the UK...

You can find access to everything that is currently available from The Electro Couture on this site! Soon, the official website will be up and running... God Bless... -Joey Savage (The Electro Couture)

*Charts For iTunes and Podomatic Average The Electro Couture's Podcast Daily Ranking At #8 In The World

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